This blog is one of the many passions of Miquette Bishop,

founder and creative director of i love my OM®

Our hope is to share unique stories with everyone of all ages, creating a virtual space where we can grow, laugh, and learn…This blog is for parents to read to their children, and for children to read to their parents…A place where all is positive, peaceful, hopeful, and loving. It’s a place to learn the infinite ways in which, We Are All Connected™ OMs are the creative force behind this blog, their message of kindness and connection runs through all that you’ll experience here.  The stories you will read are inspired by everyday people and their stories, shared stories of what it means to be alive. OMs, and the people we write about are kindred spirits, fearless leaders, and joyfully unique individuals.  This is a space for everyone, and everyone in this space is connected.



6 Comments on “Welcome!

  1. Miquette, My name is Chris, Chris Tibedo and well I am living near downtown providence. I am that guy whom you wrote the blog about after ,I assume, seeing the viedo clip on rich’s web site. You have such an awesome way to convey though your words to others your thoughts and it has been nice to get the chance to read your blog. I am homeless living in a tent downtown providence well hidden of course and lately I have been spending time here at RICH locatted in Pawtucket, RI working on my Homelessness story for a speaking engagement on OCT. 17th at Roger William’s University. I do belong to a community based group facilated by Loretta Johnson the Constituent Organizer at RICH. So this is the reason I get to see your blog being so close to computers and the internet. The point is for me to say thank you for opening your eyes and and carring. It feels like many times no one cares and your blog shows that you do so Thank You Miquette.

    Chris Tibedo

    • Chris, Nice to hear from you!!! Thank you so much for emailing and for sharing your story, with everyone. You are an inspiration and you’re making a difference by bringing your story out into the open, a true gift to others. I hope our blog has also done some good and helps bring about a little bit more awareness for you and your community. I’m amazed that you found our blog, it’s wonderful! I can’t take credit for the blogging, just the blogger! My good friend, Paul Gilder, is the author of our wonderful blogs and believe it or not he lives in the UK (we truly are all connected). He has a gift for finding heartfelt stories of interest no matter where they are, and takes action. I’m just happy we create OMs, they are the reason for such wonderful stories being blogged about. We love what we do, for so many reasons, but mainly because we are meeting more and more people like yourself, inspiring people who are making a difference in the world and connecting everyone to each other with their stories.
      Chris, would you like an OM? I would love to send you one to remember us by…..Let me know if this would be okay and if you have a preference, which OM, and I will send it to RICH c/o you.
      Thank you again for emailing, and continue what you’re doing, it’s so important. I believe you’ll find that there are a lot of people out there who actually do care! In fact I know there are, you’re just starting to meet them. 🙂
      It’s a good thing you’re doing, stay inspired.
      If we can help out again in any other way please let us know as well, it would be our pleasure.

      In the meantime, lots of love, to you and your community.

      • Thank you for the offer of an OM. The fact you offered it to me is the gift itself, Thank you. Maybe at a later date I could accept the material gift itself but in being homeless I have unfortunately “lost” several times all of my personal possessions having to hide them under bushes, carry them on my back, and such being homeless and I have learned the gift I enjoy so much is not material but but simply the good intentions of the one offering that gift. Thank you so very much:)

        C. R. T.

  2. Hi, just ordered my second round of oms. Love them. Question are they supposed to stand without the stand they come on?

  3. Hello,
    Thank you so very much OM for making me a part of such a positive and inspiring living…


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