I grew up in a family driven by free spirited imagination and a sense of unlimited possibility. My parents have been, and still remain my greatest inspiration, both in art and in life. College years in Boston, I studied graphic design, commercial art and photography, then followed my other passion; embarking on a career in early childhood education before returning to my creative roots. I have tried my hand at many creative endeavors; jewelry designer, photographer, teacher and retail buyer. Out of numerous artistic fields, sculpture is by far my favorite.

OMs manifested out of necessity from very humble beginnings the winter of 2009

Hit hard by the economy and struggling health issues bearing down, my family was struggling horribly. Life as we knew it changed quickly. I soon realized that, amongst other things, purchasing any Christmas gifts that year was not an option. I turned this heartbreak into a creative opportunity and decided instead to create gifts from my clay. My children were attending a Steiner school at the time so I created what I thought were gnomes.

I began selling them that winter at our school’s Holiday faire. Immediately loved by all who saw them, I soon realized that we were all connecting through my small creations. When asked what they were, I replied they were gnomes. This was not accepted by the mass so, with the help of a creative friend, we condensed the word gnome to become OM. They were not gnomes, they were OMs, Omniscient Marvels.

Now, after many years, I am excited to say I am writing the first story about OMs and how they came to be. A children’s picture storybook for ages 5 and up, and one that I hope adults will enjoy reading as well.

When I first began writing this story I began to realize it was very familiar. 20 years ago I lost my first husband in a tragic accident, my daughter was just four at the time. To help with her grieving I wrote her a bedtime story about wonderful magical spirits who would always stay by her side and be a constant reminder that she wasn’t alone. I never did anything with that story, it got put away in a drawer and forgotten about. Now, 20 + years later it’s coming back around again….Life is very interesting.

I love what I do and I am extremely grateful for everything in my life, especially my OMs. Creating them has been a natural extension of my experiences living, loving, and creating beauty…creating happiness is worth it’s weight in gold, and OMs create happiness & joy not only for me but for so many who have gifted, or collected them.

Each OM is hand made and infused with positive energy and love, always.

For more information about my book and OMs visit my website ilovemyOM.com


One Comment on “Miquette

  1. I am still quite confused as where or how to MGS so I hope this is an appropriate place to post…Its Chris Tibedo…The man you have written about inspiringly…I would like to communicate and maybe at least to Miquette and anyone else (Paul G) fill in the rest of the story of my growth out of homelessness…Any way I am alive…healthy…and joyful about life…Chris Tibedo…

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